The UAF Summer Music Academy welcomes all students!  We are happy to offer programs to those in Fairbanks, as well as to students who are from outside of our local area.

Dormitory housing is available on a very limited basis.  Students who live in the dorm will be expected to follow rules and regulations set in place to keep them safe and healthy while at Academy.  Boys and girls are housed on separate floors with counselors of the same gender on each floor.  Our counselors are carefully selected for their maturity and work ethic.  Most of them are musicians as well.  The counselors work very hard to ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable experience at the Summer Music Academy.  Because dormitory space is very limited, anyone who requests a room on their application form must pay that NON-REFUNDABLE fee in full by May 4, 2012.  Rooms will be on space available basis after May 1.

For a complete packet for incoming dormitory students, please click here.

Enrollment form / tuition guide is located here.

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